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Ram Sahay Gupta - Director - SEP

Director – S.E.P

Santosh Electroplaters (S.E.P) was founded in year 2000 by Mr. Ram Sahay Gupta with only two employees.

He set out with a mission: to be the best. He had a strategy: to deliver top quality plating within time. Mr. Gupta also wanted to establish a reputation of  being very dependable and professional, a reputation that he knew would take hard work to earn.

SEP began in a 2100 square feet building with a small zinc line. A line for black oxide plating was operated 2-3 days per week. In those early days, Mr. Gupta and another SEP employee would make early morning pickups at area companies. All orders picked up in the morning would be delivered back early the next morning. That meant many late nights to ensure delivery would be made on time. That same practice of next day delivery is still being performed for many customers, some of whom were on that original delivery route.

SEP has grown steadily over the years. The company currently has 18 employees and 06 processing lines. Two of these plating lines are automated and can process large volumes of material in a short period of time. Four other lines are manual lines for processing small orders. No job or customer is too large or too small.

We are always aware of the importance of setting proper pre-treatment and surface coating techniques to achieve consistently good quality coatings. To verify the quality we have in-house world class testing instruments. We have established good relations with our clients like Hero & Honda. Because of them we can very well say that we can offer our customers one of the best facilities for these processes in India.

Since client satisfaction is our motto, we have created a huge client base also. Now we are leading electroplating service provider in Mumbai.

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